All your email sending needs in one place.

Send email marketing newsletters, transactional emails, verify email lists and check the health of your email sending with SendWorks products.


Email Responder

Send campaigns, build lists, automate marketing


Bulk Email Sender

Email API and SMTP to reliably deliver emails to inboxes


Email Verifier

Verify contacts and lists for improved email delivery


Offer managment Systems or Url Redirector

Test email content, DNS Configuration and SMTP Server


A suite of email software to swiftly and securely send stellar emails.



Email AutoResponder makes it easy to be a responsible email marketer.

Powerful email marketing software to send campaigns, build your list, and automate your marketing. Unlimited emails. 24/7 support.

I was looking for an alternative to MailChimp it's easier to use, and with more features. Most impressively, the support has been excellent. Never waited more than 30 mins for a response. Really recommend."


Bulk Email Sender.

Email API and SMTP relay to not just send and measure email sending, but also alert and optimise. We provide you with tools, expertise and support needed to reliably deliver emails to your customers inboxes on time, every time.

"I was looking for a way to send transactional emails but also be able to have the marketing team easily make adjustments to them, enter SendPost!"



Email Verifier.

Improve deliverability of your email list by automatically cleaning all emails before sending to them.



Offer managment system or Url REdirt.

Test your email content, DNS Configuration, SMTP Server all in 30 seconds.


Rated 5 stars by over 500 beta users


What our customers say

Awesome tool for email marketing. It's too smooth, no training required if you have the basic knowledge. Please use this tool once, I bet you won't shift to any other competitor.

Our open rates are phenomenal. We get as high as 80% opens in some campaigns. We are using SendX for the past 2.5+ years. SendX works very well and perfectly fulfills the requirements of our marketing campaign.

Before SendX, we were using Mailchimp. For some reason, our deliverability was compromised and we tried to investigate. Mailchimp support never got back! In my frustration, we decided to give SendX a go. Migrating was smooth and started our campaigns through SendX. Great delivery rates.